Quality Management Solutions

Quality Management Solutions

Quality Management SolutionsQuality Management SolutionsQuality Management Solutions

Enhancing Patient Care 

Strengthening Your Bottom Line

Practice Health

Your time is limited. The healthcare landscape continues to change.  Insurance companies and the government keep moving the bar on reimbursement. 

Keeping up with it all AND ensuring the highest quality of patient care can be overwhelming.  You and your practice don’t have to do it alone anymore.  Now you have a partner in success.  

At Quality Management Solutions, we focus on your practice so you can focus on your patients.  You can have confidence that you're growing your bottom line while you provide the solutions that will make you the key healthcare resource (Healthcare Quarterback) for your patients.  

We bring a full range of practice and patient management solutions for practitioners to amplify their impact on patient healthcare outcomes while maximizing bottom-line success.   

Practice Management

  • Revenue Evaluations and Repair
  • RCM Auditing and Tracking
  • Insurance Contract Negotiations
  • Credentialing 
  • New Practice Set-Up
  • Business Plan & Corporate Review
  • Full Service Medical Billing 
  • Antibiotic Stewardship Program
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Medical Supplies 
  • Patient Room Optimization 
  • and more...

Patient Care

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing
  • Cancer Screening
  • Allergy Testing 
  • Wound Care
  • Immunotherapy
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Chronic Care Management 
  • Vascular Therapy 
  • Hearing Solutions
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Telemedicine
  • and more...